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My New Favourite Terminal Emulator: Vim

4 minute read

I hate having to use the mouse. I do everything I can to change my workflow so that I never have to touch it. That includes using a tiling window manager, us...

There Is No Idiomatic Haskell

6 minute read

Haskell is the most expressive programming language that I have ever encountered. More than Clojure and other Lisps. More than any of the half dozen imperati...

On Electron

3 minute read

If you have been following the recent kerfuffle on Electron apps hogging all the resources thrown to them, then you fall in one of two camps:

Why Arent More Apis Declarative

4 minute read

Ever since re-writing the frontend of a webapp at work, I have been completely bowled over by what the combination of a declarative UI (provided by React) in...

Tiling Window Managers

1 minute read

After over 3 months of oscillating between despair over how dysfunctional various desktop environments are (I went through Ubuntu Unity, Gnome3, Mate, Cinnam...